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The Unknown

Mount Thionx wasn’t planned, but once I started this route I knew my beginning and how I intended to end the novel.

There was no agenda for anything in between. No written plot twists. No drawings on a big board wall. It was the empty screen in front of me, and a quiet room. It was fascinating to watch as the story took on its own life. New characters and intrigues emerged.

While I wrote, I was completely immersed in the story.  I refused to read any other books, which would come near magic, fantasy or adventure. I only allowed myself to read romance books, in order to stay in my own creativity.

Some days it took longer to write a paragraph, on other days the story took off, and felt that I couldn’t type fast enough. 

What I learned is that nothing in life can be planned and nothing can be forced. What is to be, will be. And what is not to be, it won’t. Many times, we pressure ourselves, especially girls, too fast into one or the other direction.
Just breathe and enjoy the ride.


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