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Introduction of “Mount Thionx”

Writing my fantasy novel, Mount Thionx, took several years in the making. I tried to write in a different genre first. It was a short modern romance story, which I used to improve the extent of my English vocabulary – since I am originally from Europe. The words selected from my tutor were too simple, I thought, so for the next few weeks, I brought in my own written paragraphs and “proudly” showcased them during my English class.

As life took a turn, it was many years before I would sit down at the desk and start typing again. This time, I was only a few pages into a historical romance novel when I realized it didn’t capture my imagination and was soon deleted.

One early fall morning, I stared at a new blank page as I sipped at my warm tea. Then, the first sentence began to unfold before me, and Mount Thionx was born.


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